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Retirement Program Service to Help Your Employee's Win

Innovative Solutions to Help Your Business Win

  • The PFE Group was among the earlier consulting firms to recommend and introduce automatic enrollment, auto increase, and ERISA budgets.

  • We’re helping employers evaluate opportunities created by tax law changes such as after-tax savings and in-plan Roth conversions.

  • As our clients become global, we’ve developed the expertise needed to create International Retirement Plans and programs for companies with large populations of foreign national employees.

The PFE Group Team Helping Your Business Win

Retirement Program Consulting and Compliance

We know that the ever-changing landscape of regulation and technology can make maintaining the fiduciary oversight of a best-in-class retirement program difficult. Our goal is to make each client conversation simple, engaging, and action-focused. We want committee members to hear and understand their retirement program options based on PFE recommendations before making decisions.

Fiduciary Process

Fiduciary Process

We are focused on the future of retirement plans in areas including HSA integration, student debt repayment, emergency savings, and development of high-quality income replacement for employees entering retirement. We’ve developed a proprietary calendar to help ensure the foundations of a sound fiduciary and governance process are never missed.

Retirement Program Vendor Consulting

Vendor Search

We can work with you to develop a dream list of what you are looking for in a service provider. From there, we’ll manage the RFP process to the end result of finding a vendor that meets all your needs and wants, and does so for fees below the industry average.

Mergers & Acquisition Consulting

M&A Consulting

When acquiring or merging with a company, challenges can arise from the uniting of retirement plans. We take a proactive approach in conducting due-diligence before the M&A transaction occurs to understand potential impacts to the retirement plan. We can help you foresee obstacles and develop a roadmap to ensure a successful acquisition.

Investment Advisory

Building and maintaining a retirement plan fund lineup that meets company and participant objectives can be a daunting task.

We work with the Retirement Plan Committee to develop an Investment Policy Statement, ensure that it is followed, and amended if different strategies become appropriate. For plan participants, we develop lineups that are as effective for employees who want do-it-for-me options as for those who want do-it-myself alternatives.

Our investment professionals follow a disciplined, proprietary fund-scoring methodology to help ensure the plan’s fund lineup meets plan and participant objectives and expectations.

Investment Policy Statement Advisors

Employee Communication and Financial Education

It’s no surprise that, in today’s busy world, financial stress impacts productivity at work and harms employee personal lives at home. At PFE, we believe that every decision we make in our lives has personal financial consequences.

Our education team and financial counselors provide insight to employees that help them make financial decisions and trade-offs with confidence. The PFE Group workshops, webinars, and counseling sessions are customized for each client and include healthcare, tax law and debt management along with saving and investing.

Because the world is changing and advances in technology and medicine will have tremendous impacts on quality of life, we work hard to give employees the tools and resources to make prudent financial decisions that help them live the life they want for years to come.

Business Retirement Services

Our goal is to improve the retirement programs you offer. Start a conversation with us.

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We can serve as an ERISA 3(21) co-fiduciary helping the committee make its recommendations or as an ERISA 3(38) investment advisor for committees that want to outsource the investment decisions.

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