Oct 22, 2018

Adding Value to Your Financial Life

By Heather Kelly

Photo credit: Getty Images

When it comes to money management, you may ask yourself:

  • Is it better to work with a professional advisor or handle it on on my own?
  • How can I tell if an advisor is truly doing everything they can to improve my entire financial life?
  • What value do I get from the fees I am charged?

United Capital advisors demonstrate their value by going beyond just managing investments or providing better returns on portfolios. We provide our clients the ongoing planning, coaching, and guidance needed to help you achieve the life you want. Furthermore, our advisors account for life’s many twists and turns, so the financial plans we create are easily adapted and updated.

Helping You Live Richly

We believe only a human can truly understand you and your unique circumstances. The benefits of working with a financial planner can be difficult to measure. Our advisors go beyond a one-time, static financial plan or one-size-fits-all investment strategy. Starting a relationship with a financial planner begins a journey of having an expert continually evaluate your financial plan and investments.

While innovation is the new normal in today’s world, we have found that digital tools and systems mean nothing without an advisor who is there for their clients. That is why we believe working with someone who truly understands you and can help you make the right choices is the real secret to a life lived richly.

A United Capital advisor will provide you with the ongoing guidance you need to help you live your best possible life, including:

  1. Investor Behavior Coaching: We work with you to understand the trade-offs when it comes to investing, aligning your portfolios with your life’s priorities.
  2. Optimal Investment Costs: We help you choose prudent investments at the right price. Many of our investments strive to give you a more consistent rate of return while managing risk.
  3. Additional Services and Planning: We understand how changes in your life affect your financial plan, and we adapt accordingly throughout your life’s voyage. We explore with you all the important financial areas of your life including insurance, estate planning, debt management, tax planning, and even retirement income planning.
  4. Continual Guidance: We help you navigate through volatile economic times to help ensure that the items most important to you are the focus of our work.

Our advisors bring value with services that consider every facet of your entire financial life. The result is a plan you can stick to—and believe in.

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