Apr 27, 2017

3 Ways Intimidation Can Lead to Motivation

By Byron Ellis

If you know me well you understand that I am not intimidated often. I am a fairly confident person and usually have a mindset of seeking to find ways to help the people out that I associate with. I think this “servant” mentality helps me stay confident and it is very rare for me to be in a work or social setting feeling intimidated. However; recently I felt intimidated and even nervous as I planned for an out of town meeting.

I had heard of this group called “The Genius Network”. Just the name is a little scary. The website states that the Network is an ever expanding system of increasing cooperation and creativity among unique ability achievers. I was intrigued. I read the list of members and was even more intrigued. These people were at the top of their games in writing books, creating videos, and marketing their products or services. The list reads like a Who’s Who of successful people from around the world. You most likely know many of names on the membership list. I knew once I read it that I had to go. The group had an annual meeting and I had a chance to attend…for a price…to learn, grow and then decide if I wanted to join the group officially. There was an application process and an interview for just the two day event.

So, why do I share this with you? I made it through the application process and luckily was “accepted” to attend the two day event. This is when things started to get scary…and intimidating. I had to fill out a bio about myself which was going to be published alongside all of the other members that would be attending. Wait, I am not on their level! Are you kidding, what could I say that would not make myself look like a rookie in a group of veterans? I filled it out the best I could.

I remember my feeling as I walked into the event on the first morning. Music was playing, people were everywhere, and I knew no one, although I recognized multiple people. I had read through the attendee list, read their bios, and I saw authors of books I had read. I saw TV personalities that sell educational and motivational material. I saw creators of health food books and protein bars. I saw owners of magazines and publishing empires. Everyone was there to grow.

I was intimidated…but I survived. I not only survived but noticed that my mindset, although still seeking to help others, was more of a sponge seeking to soak up knowledge. I learned. I grew. Here is why I am going to be intimidated more often and why you should consider doing so also.

  1. Each of us needs to get out of our comfort zone. They say that each of us, in five years’ time, will be the average of our top five relationships. This can be applied in just about anything…financial, health, spiritual, relationships, business, etc. Look around at your friends. Do you want to be where they are? If not, get intimidated and add some friends that can raise your “average”.
  2. Feeling like the smallest person in the room is healthy. I was nervous walking into a room filled with power houses. Why? I felt they had accomplished more than me in many areas. This allowed me to open up my mind to new things…new goals…new realities. Let others help you see what can be achieved in your life. Being intimidated around those that have done it already can help make this happen.
  3. Feeling intimidated and then realizing that you are in fact at the top of your game is great for confidence. I met some really nice people. I learned things that will change my life and help me achieve things that were outside of what my mind thought was possible. But as I talked to people I found that I not only learned but I was also able to help them. I was reminded that I can always help others. Many times my strengths were their weaknesses. My confidence was boosted knowing that, even in a room filled with the best of the best. I can be an asset and so can you.

So I urge you to get intimidated. Understand where you want to grow and seek those that have done it. Open up your mind and the possibilities of growth. Live a bigger life and stop coasting through. Be a genius.

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