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Texas-Big Growth

By nearly all measures, Tim Harder, Jonathan Blumenthal, and Brandon Ross had built a successful advisory practice at one of the nation’s top broker-dealers. For this Dallas-based team, their business with the traditional broker-dealer model—which they now describe as “fast-paced, chaotic, and a little undisciplined”—was a launch pad for growth and financial success. By 2011, they collectively managed $600 million in client assets.

But the team’s achievements were met with a host of new challenges they hadn’t anticipated. Their responsibilities extended far beyond managing client relationships. More and more, they found themselves tending to other aspects of running the business—everything from marketing and technology to human resources and hiring decisions now demanded their attention. They quickly realized that the costs of growing their practice far outweighed the benefits.

Joining United Capital...meant leaving the old, transaction-based broker-dealer model behind.

Tim, Jonathan, and Brandon knew it was time to move on. They were determined to find a partner that would allow them to put their clients first by providing them with the infrastructure and tools to grow and scale their business. Tim recalls, “United Capital was the one that said, ‘We’ve got some solutions for you. Or, we’ll solve this with you.’”

Joining United Capital put greater emphasis on financial planning and developing enduring client relationships. The team was ready to embrace the firm’s longer-term, client-centric approach. Brandon says United Capital’s vision of “being able to change people’s lives and allow them to feel better about their financial situation” was what he found most inspiring during their initial meetings.

Ultimately, the transition has been beneficial for the team and their clients. Since joining United Capital in 2011, the team’s growth has been “uncapped,” according to Tim. Revenue skyrocketed from $5.7 million in 2010 to $19.2 million in 2018—a 336% increase. And profits have kept pace. Over the same period, EBITDA jumped 385%, from $700 million to $2.7 million.*

The team knew that to build a sustainable business—and truly put their clients’ interests first—meant looking beyond what would simply make them rich today and instead thinking five to 10 years down the road. United Capital gave them the resources and support system to transform their business for the long term.

Eight years later, the team is thriving. They’re quick to say, “If you’re looking at your clients first, you want a different way of doing business, and you want the technology and tools to be able to serve them, United Capital is your place.”

Improving Efficiency & Increasing Revenue with a United Capital Partnership

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*Data as of year-end 2018. Results not guaranteed and may vary.