Arthur Rubinfeld

Arthur Rubinfeld

Board Director

Arthur is a creative visionary who has a reputation for defining a brand's DNA and bringing it to life through space with a deep focus on the customer experience‚ÄĒpredominantly retail. With a rare combination of strategic planning, real estate development, and creative acumen, he balances brand growth with customer relevance.

Arthur was formerly the Chief Creative Officer and President of Global Innovation for Starbucks. He has been credited as one of Starbucks' most important stewards and a key influence in Starbucks becoming one of the world's most respected brands. Having joined in the 1990s to lead the company's retail real estate and design divisions as Senior Vice President of Real Estate and Store Development, Arthur shaped the Starbucks experience by basing it on community gathering. He set the industry gold standard in retail development and expansion in 2009.

Given his advocacy for environmental stewardship, Arthur set the direction for a new store design using organic and recycled materials with the ultimate goal of building LEED-certified stores. Today, he continues to transform the Starbucks experience by focusing on the intersection of technology, design, and customer experience to deliver seamless interactions that delight, engage, and educate people.

During his time outside of Starbucks between 2002 and 2008, he founded AIRVISON, an advisory firm that has and continues to build a reputation around "Ideate, Create, Execute," by starting from the ground up to help brands reach their full potential. AIRVISION partners with leaders who have a desire to transform their category to develop and expand such celebrated brands as Microsoft, Adidas, and Oakley.

Arthur published "Built for Growth: Expanding Your Business Around the Corner or Across the Globe," a primer designed to share knowledge and guide in inspiring entrepreneurs on effectively developing and growing a business that is brand-led and customer first. "Built for Growth" received critical acclaim from publications such as The Financial Times and Kirkus Reports and has been published in six languages.