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About Our Office

For over thirty years, the United Capital office in Chapel Hill, formerly PRI Investments, has focused on providing financial guidance and serving the investment management needs of individuals, families, businesses, charitable foundations, endowments and institutions.

Our financial guidance process utilizes United Capital’s unique, engaging and thorough approach to financial life management. We understand the emotional component of money and work to truly understand how you feel when it comes to your finances. Through this journey, you’ll gain a better understanding of your own biases toward financial decision-making, learn what matters most to you, and receive guidance from our team to help you make the necessary trade-offs for the best possible financial outcome. Our team’s commitment to excellence has been recognized by Chapel Hill Magazine and Barron’s Magazine with our inclusion in Barron’s Top Independent Advisors Summit.

Our investment programs seek to achieve high absolute, relative and risk-adjusted rates of return. The investment methodologies and techniques we utilize are the result of rigorous, mathematical research employed by our team for over three decades. Our unique ability to guide clients through the worst of market conditions while seeking to consistently deliver growth in any environment is at the core of our time-tested investment principles.

We have extensive experience with managing retirement plan investments at TIAA-CREF and Fidelity for employees of tax exempt institutions and are able to help plan participants navigate through the intricacies of their complex retirement plans. Additional services offered by our team include the design and management of defined contribution and defined benefit plans, options based strategies for concentrated equity positions and the management of college endowments.

Why United Capital?

Financial Life Management

We’re not the typical wealth management firm. We looked around the industry and thought that there was a better way. So we created it. We developed a process that’s focused on helping you live your ideal life. One that continually adapts to the changing world and your changing circumstances. We call it Financial Life Management. And it’s totally unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

A Unique Approach

We’ll take the time to get to know you and understand the life you want to live. With collaborative, engaging digital tools, we’ll work with you to create a clear framework for living your ideal life. The result is a plan that’s dynamic and personalized — not one-and-done or one-size-fits-all.

Real Results

We help you align your decision-making with your ideal life, so you can achieve balance — and a healthy relationship with your money. That means we go beyond investments and investment results to help you live the life you want today. After all, isn’t that what a wealth manager is for?

United Capital: Imagine

Andrew Blass
Managing Director
Sara M. Ruotsala
Wealth Manager

Andrew Blass

Managing Director


Andrew Blass is the Managing Director of the United Capital office in Chapel Hill. He specializes in financial planning and investing for individuals, institutions, retirement plans, endowments and family trusts. In addition, Andrew advises retirement plan participants from tax-exempt institutions administered by TIAA-CREF and Fidelity Investments. Andrew is experienced in the design and implementation of defined benefit plans for small businesses and large institutions and in options strategies for low-basis concentrated equity positions. Andrew prides himself as a problem solver and takes a personal approach to client advising and financial planning.

After graduating from the University of Michigan Honors Program with a Bachelor of Science in Statistics, Andrew began his career as an Equity Options Market Maker at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) before joining PRI Investments in 1999.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys spending time with his family and serving on the boards of the North Carolina Opera, Carrboro Modern Dance Company and Nashville’s Jackalope Brewing Company. He is also an active musician and has toured and recorded with several independent rock bands.


Sara M. Ruotsala

Wealth Manager


Sara M. Ruotsala has been with United Capital since 2004. She is responsible for developing and maintaining client relationships by counseling new clients and meeting with established clients to develop and maintain their financial plans. She has been securities licensed since 2001. She graduated Cum Laude from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She began her investment career at Morgan Stanley in Anchorage as a Financial Adviser in 2001 and continued as a Registered Client Service Associate with UBS in Greeley, Colorado, in 2002. Sara grew up in the National Parks and spent many years in Anchorage, Alaska. Her family has been in Fort Collins for six generations. She enjoys camping, cooking and gardening and spending time with her husband, Erik, and their two small children.

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