Meet Joe Duran, Our Founder

Helping People Live Richly

United Capital Founder and CEO, Joe Duran, created our company to help people live richly.

An Unimaginable Outcome

Joe Duran was 34 years old when he and his partners sold their company to General Electric—an unimaginable outcome considering his childhood. Today, he leads the number two U.S. independent advisory firm.*

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Joe Duran, Founder & CEO of United Capital

Why We Built United Capital

When it comes to money, what most advisors talk to you about is not what you talk about. Joe explains the critical difference between the traditional approach to wealth management and Financial Life Management.

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How FinLife Helps Advisors

Joe talks about how FinLife® helps financial advisors get inside their clients' heads.

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5 Financial Secrets To Living the Life You Want

Ultimately, your life will be the sum of your choices. Joe Duran’s book, “The Money Code”, helps you improve your financial life right now.

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The Money Code by Joe Duran

*Barron’s 2018 Top 40 Independent Advisory Firm list. Awards are not indicative of investment performance.