Investment Process

Constructing Your Personalized Portfolio

The financial plan you have built with your advisor helps to determine the overall risk and target allocation your investment portfolio should have, but that’s just the starting point.

Our unique approach takes the guesswork out of investing to help you understand how your money is working for you and ensuring that the investments in your portfolio are aligned not just with your target risk profile, but with your current preferences, too. Whether it’s minimizing tax impact or protecting from major market declines, the breadth of investment solutions we have available ensure we are building a portfolio that’s right for you. Your advisor will work with you to adapt your portfolio as your life and your preferences change.

How Do We Build a Portfolio?

Gain a deeper understanding of your priorities and preferences.
Evaluate those preferences against your current portfolio and identify potential gaps.
Build portfolio recommendations customized to your priorities and goals.
Monitor and adjust your investments as your life and priorities change.

An Investment Proposal to Empower Your Clients Around Their Investments

Evaluate Your Portfolio

Speak with an advisor about guidance-driven investing and building a personalized portfolio.