Making every portfolio personal.

Every investor has needs and priorities that change over the course of their life. Your investment portfolio should align your money and personal aspirations to help you live the life you want to lead.

To accomplish that, we take a different approach.

As with life, investing requires trade-offs. What’s more important for you:

  • Keeping costs low?
  • Managing tax implications?
  • Capturing performance?
  • Protecting from bad markets?

We work with some of the nation’s top managers to individualize portfolios built around what really matters to you.

United Capital advisers collaborate with you and our team of CFA Charterholders to construct a dynamic portfolio that:

Reflects your life goals and values

Balances investment trade-offs and preferences

Invests in strategies truly customized for you

Tracks, rebalances and adapts as your life and priorities change


Offering Investment Management solutions to support your entire financial life.

Our size and approach allows us to be highly competitive while offering a broad range of strategies based on cost and predictability.

Personalize your portfolio.