Investment Management

Welcome to Guidance-Driven Investing

Ultimately, money is a resource to help you live your best possible life. Because your goals and needs are unique, we believe your investment portfolio should be, too.

Our process is different and straightforward. We’ve generated three steps to ensuring your money and investments support what matters most to you:

Step 1

Understand your goals and make informed, intentional decisions..

Step 2

Build your financial plan, so your investments work towards helping you achieve your goals.

Step 3

Construct your personalized portfolio.

You get a portfolio that’s integrated with your financial plan and customized for you.

There’s no one-size-fits-all portfolio. That’s why we developed the InvestmentViewfinder. The InvestmentViewfinder clarifies your choices and facilitates a collaborative, open conversation between you and your advisor:

Distinguish four investment attributes important to every investor.

Understand the trade-offs of those attributes.

Prioritize the attributes based on the trade-offs you are willing to make in order to create your customized portfolio.

Evaluate Your Current Portfolio
With your preferences set, you have a clear vision of what’s most important to you in regards to your investments. Based on those attributes, the InvestmentViewfinder (with analytics provided by Morningstar®) analyzes your existing portfolio to identify any gaps or shortfalls.

Portfolio Builder: Tailor Your Portfolio
From there, we create a unique portfolio for you, combining a core strategy with complimentary specialized strategies that align with your preferences. That portfolio can be changed and adjusted to your needs as life evolves.

Building a Personalized Portfolio
The illustrations below show how a combination of strategies or managers might be used for people with different preferences. Even though all three of the individuals might have the same target risk profile, for example 60/40, they each have a different and unique portfolio.

Transform Portfolios From Standard to Personalized

An Investment Proposal to Empower You Around Your Investments

Evaluate Your Portfolio

Speak with an advisor about guidance-driven investing and building a personalized portfolio.