Money Mind®

Find your Money Mind®.

Money means something different to each of us. Whether you see it as a way to enjoy life, protect yourself from pain or take care of the ones you love, the way you feel about money affects the financial decisions you make every day.

When you understand what your money means to you, you can make clear, smart choices about your financial life.

That’s why we created the Money Mind® analyzer. This one-of-a-kind tool reveals how your biases affect your financial decisions — and enables you to build a healthier relationship with your money.

The Money Mind® analyzer helps you:

  • Identify and understand your dominant Money Mind®
  • Recognize situations in which your Money Mind® drove a financial decision in the past
  • Make better-informed decisions about money in the future
  • Communicate effectively with loved ones by understanding their Money Mind®

A deeper financial life begins when you discover your Money Mind®.


What is your Money Mind®

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