Strategic Partnerships

We help advisors win.

The way we see it, there are three things every advisor needs for success:

Making clients happy by helping them live richly.

Growing advisor income and creating staff opportunities.

Being freed from the burden of day-to-day management.
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Here’s how we do it:

Client Experience

A repeatable, customized experience that engages clients and helps them understand what really matters to them. We invest millions of dollars in systems and tools that will make you stand out.

Operational Support

An infrastructure to scale and grow, and a team to allow for all the investment solutions any client could want. Our investments, trading, and compliance professionals support you and the needs of your clients.

Administrative Functions

Systems that allow you to get out of the day-to-day work to improve on the things that your clients really care about. We take care of the accounting, compliance, payroll, marketing, human resources, and technology so you can focus on priorities.

A Path to Acquisition

The decision to sell your firm and identify the best strategic partner for your clients and employees is among the most critical decisions a firm owner can make. Understanding your choices and what differentiates one option from the next involves clarifying what’s most important to you. Read on to gain the perspective of other advisors that have taken the path to acquisition with United Capital.

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Where culture exists, growth follows.

Jason Rosener, Managing Director, United Capital
Assets Under Management: $2.4 billion

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A Succession Plan with Next-Gen Tech.

Catherine Humbert, Managing Director, United Capital
Assets Under Management: $1.6 billion

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A Partnership that Puts Clients First.

Byron Ellis, Managing Director, United Capital
Assets Under Management: $492 million

By partnering with United Capital, you can remove yourself from the burden of administrative functions, pick up scale, and deliver an experience to help people live richly.

Get back to what matters. We’ll work with you to handle everything else.

Hear from United Capital Managing Directors (MDs) at our 2018 E-Summit on what living richly means to them.

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