FinLife® Partnership Case Studies

A Richer, More Engaging Client Experience

Nothing is more important to a fiduciary advisor than delivering world-class advice. Yet few advisors have the digital tools and systems to be dynamically connected and constantly engaged with their clients. FinLife CX is an end-to-end client experience system that allows you to deliver and charge for your value.

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Hear from Lenox: A FinLife Firm

Lenox is using FinLife CX to help families understand where they are trying to go and what success looks like for them.

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Hear from Barber Financial Group: A FinLife Firm

Barber Financial Group is using FinLife CX to help clients gain confidence and control over their financial lives.

By partnering with United Capital, you can remove yourself from the burden of administrative functions, pick up scale, and deliver an experience to help people live richly.

Get back to what matters. We’ll work with you to handle everything else.