Client Experience

A Richer, More Engaging Client Experience

FinLife® CX is the nation’s first end-to-end client experience system that allows you to integrate your entire client relationship and charge for your value.

Where Change Begins

Our digital discovery process is where clients start the process of understanding what’s important to them.


Find out what money means to your clients.

  • Uncover clients’ strengths and challenges with finances.
  • Capture profound behavioral insights for client discussions.
  • Analyze spending, saving, and planning tendencies.
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  • Identify and clarify your clients’ intentions, motivations, and goals.
  • Discuss the trade-offs around financial decisions.
  • Implement and track an action plan.
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  • Facilitate an open dialogue about investments.
  • Track expectations on cost, performance, protection, and taxes.
  • Compare your clients’ portfolios to their needs using integrated Morningstar APIs
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Where Change Happens

Life never stops changing. We make decisions every day. You and your clients will work together to reset plans as priorities change, track progress toward goals, and work together on what matters from year to year.


Develop a plan based on values, resources, and trade-offs.

Financial Control Scorecard®
  • See if clients are on track to meeting their financial goals.
  • Provide a funding score, so clients know where they stand at all times.
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Planning Resources
  • Identify and prioritize client goals.
  • Translate Monte Carlo simulation from financial-planning software to the client portal.
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Net Worth
  • Track and present your clients’ net worth in one easy view.
  • View managed and outside accounts through integrations with portfolio accounting software.
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  • Manage portfolio reporting and account aggregation.
  • Provide an aggregated view of investments and portfolio allocations.
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Making Great Decisions Through Life’s Course Corrections

Goals change. Resources change. Markets change. Making great decisions along the way is the key to your clients living a great life.


Motivate clients with personalized roadmaps and support.

Priority Action List
  • Present a clear and accessible tracking mechanism against goals.
  • Measure progress and outstanding action items for you and your clients.
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  • Summarize your clients’ priorities, portfolios, and action plan.
  • Provide a modern, magazine-quality approach to a financial plan.
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  • Use VideoMessenger to create your own video communications.
  • Deliver messages directly through your clients’ GuideCenter portal.
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Document Vault
  • Access and store your clients’ important documents.
  • Share information with security and comfort.
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Personalized advice with scale means adding clients, not staff.

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