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Financial Life Management

It’s not about the money.
The way you live matters more.

We work with money every day, but one question often eludes us,

"What does it mean to be truly financially happy?"

Well, we thought we'd ask...
We hired a team of researchers who asked people just like you what lessons they have learned throughout their entire financial life.

As we talked to people around the country, we took away four really important insights that matter to us, and should matter to you too...

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Here is what we learned...


told us their entire life story.

A financial life isn't just about money. It's about a person's entire life.

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People didn't talk to us about their portfolios or their investment strategies. They talked to us about their lives.

Working and spending are far more important to our financial lives than saving and investing.


talked about working and spending

You wouldn't guess it by the way most people in our industry talk to you.

Life is a series of trade-offs. More of one thing usually means less of another.

Retire on time

Send both children to private school

Move to a better neighborhood

Contribute to the college fund


people's financial life stories involved a trade-off of one kind or another.

We've heard it all our lives, "You can't have it all." Turns out, this understanding is a central component of a successful financial life as well.

Our financial decisions move us either toward or away from our ideal selves.

It turns out people are happiest when their financial decisions are in alignment with their personal values – not when they have more money.

How do your biases affect your decisions?

How do you make sure your money serves your life's goals?

What is it you really want your money to do for you?

How are you going to make sure it happens?

If we don't answer these questions, how can we possibly get what we want out of our one financial life?

Learn more about your biases

We have one singular, obsessive focus, to help people improve their lives.

There is only one way to do it, by helping people to make better choices.

We help by bringing truth, understanding and discipline to the financial choices you make every day.


An unfiltered, unbiased and complete set of accurate facts.


Objective analysis with a caring and aligned perspective.


Clear, deliberate and well-executed action steps.

Introducing your Financial Life Management. Or as we like to call it, FINLIFE.

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