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Welcome to Guidance-Driven Investing

Ultimately, money is a resource to help you live your best possible life. Because your goals and needs are unique, we believe your investment portfolio should be, too.

How We Build and Manage Your Investment Portfolio.

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We get to know you and your goals first before distinguishing what investment attributes are right for you. You gain a deeper understanding of your priorities and preferences.

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Evaluate your priorities and preferences against your current portfolio and identify potential gaps. Then we align your unique target risk profile with your preferences and explain the trade-offs of each strategy.

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Build portfolio recommendations customized to your priorities and goals. Your investments are created using some of the world's leading portfolio managers, in a cost effective way.

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Monitor and adjust your investments as your life and priorities change. Worried about future uncertainties? Your advisor is ready to adapt your portfolio as your life and preferences change.

Constructing Your Personalized Portfolio

At United Capital, a Goldman Sachs Company, we believe there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all portfolio. The financial plan you build with your advisor helps to determine the overall risk and target allocation your investment portfolio should have, but that’s just the starting point.

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Seeks higher relative returns in the long run (a full market cycle).

  • Forgo being tax-conscious
  • Forgo protection against severe market declines
  • Higher cost
  • Higher risk
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Low-Cost Tracking


Seeks to closely and predictably match its benchmark at a low cost.

  • Forgo relative outperformance versus the benchmark
  • Forgo protection against severe market declines
  • Forgo being tax-conscious
Ic Gd Protection



Seeks to mitigate against severe bear market declines.

  • Forgo being tax-conscious
  • Forgo relative outperformance versus the benchmark
  • Higher cost
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Tax Minimization


Seeks to lower taxes in the long run (a full market cycle)

  • No pre-tax outperformance
  • Forgo protection against severe market declines
  • Higher cost

Meet Our Chief Investment Officer, Kara Murphy, CFA®

Interested in hearing what a leading expert has to say about the current market conditions? Every month, our CIO, Kara Murphy, writes her market commentary to keep you updated on the latest market trends and conditions.

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Meet Our Team

David Hallman, CFA®

Vice President, Investment Oversight and Operations

Stephen Tuckwood, CFA®

Vice President, Head of Research

Christian Yoss, CFP®

Vice President, Head of Investment Management Advocates

An Investment Proposal That Empowers You

Our unique investment proposals create a custom profile built just for you, evaluating taxes, performance, cost, and protection. Each proposal is designed especially to help you live richly.

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Investing involves risk and clients should carefully consider their own investment objectives and never rely on any single chart, graph or marketing piece to make decisions. The information contained herein is intended for information only, is not a recommendation to buy or sell any securities, and should not be considered investment advice. There are no investment strategies that guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.