Courtney Lashomb

Tambra Wohlenhaus


Hello! I am the team’s Client Services Coordinator and am excited to be in the financial services industry after spending years as a life and executive coach. My natural desire to help people live the life they want certainly includes the financial aspect. After all, success in any area doesn’t just happen by chance. Being part of a firm with such a unique approach to success -- with a systematic process, is a perfect fit.

Outside the office I find meaning raising a family (dog included), and taking time to enjoy friends and personal interests. My love of giving has also made a difference at the Minneapolis Children’s Crisis Nursery, Angel Tree Prison Ministries, Holiday Wishes program, Tubman Family Alliance, local women’s shelters and for the homeless.

I am fortunate to be able to connect with our clients by phone, email and in person and look forward to seeing you!