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What should I expect? At Nexus Wealth Advisors, we help improve the lives of our clients by bringing truth, understanding and discipline to their financial decisions. Our goal is to give them genuine control over their financial life. We use a dynamic process based on the life you want to lead and continually adapt to the changing world and your evolving needs. We help ensure that you can live the life you want. Isn't that what a wealth manager is for? We call if Financial Life Management.

Our approach:

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About Financial Life Management

We believe a persons financial life isn’t just about money; it’s about a their entire life. We help clients make better decisions by using our judgement, creativity, and empathy to guide and optimize how they make financial decisions.

That’s why we built United Capital: to reimagine wealth management so that money serves our clients and the life they want, not the other way around.

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Discover Your MoneyMind®.

Money means something different to each of us. Whether you see it as a way to enjoy life, protect yourself from pain or take care of the ones you love, the way you feel about money effects the financial decisions you make every day.

When you understand what your money means to you, you can make clear, smart choices about your financial life.

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The Human Connection is What Matters Most

Our advisors have access to many high-quality services that enable us to ensure that your money is always working throughout your life towards the life you want.

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Investment Advisory services offered through United Capital Financial Advisers, LLC (“United Capital”), an investment adviser registered with the SEC. United Capital and Nexus Wealth Advisors, LLC are separate and unrelated companies.