Christian Tant

Christian Tant, FPQP™


When Christian Tant joined the PWP staff, now United Capital Evansville, in 2014, he stepped into a very important role: Relationship Manager. As support staff for the Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) on staff, Christian performs many of the necessary tasks in the development of a client’s financial plan, from gathering financial reports and records to analyzing the information and researching a number of different options for each client’s plan. He also prepares reports, inputs data into the firm’s Wealth Planning software, and assists clients using the planning website. His responsibilities allow the CFPs on staff to focus more completely on developing client relationships.

It’s an atmosphere in which he thrives. “It’s great working around people whose company you enjoy,” he says. “Everyone always works as a team and is always helpful, which is also a great thing about working at United Capital Evansville.” Although Christian was born and raised in Evansville, when it came time for him to choose a college, he headed south. At the University of Alabama, where he earned his Bachelors in Financial Planning, he became a lifelong supporter of Crimson Tide football. When it’s not college football season, he spends time with friends and family, plays golf, and watches whatever sport is in season.