Alexandra Meyer

Alexandra Meyer


Ali Meyer joined Payne Wealth Partners, now United Capital Evansville, in spring 2017 business development and marketing. In this role, she organizes and assists with the implementation of team marketing programs; gathers and reports data for team member goals; and manages the firm’s digital marketing, website, events and internal/external communications.

Prior to starting her role at United Capital Evansville, Ali spent the last four years working in public service, including time in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor and the Indiana Office of Tourism Development. Here, she developed a strong desire to help others. During her time in state government, Ali earned certificates for the Simplex I & II process for creative problem solving and the Lean Daily Management System.

Coming from outside the financial world, Ali brings a fresh and unique perspective to the United Capital Evansville team. She graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with a concentration in public relations and a minor in tourism management. With past experience as a property manager, office manager and project manager, Ali has a knack for keeping things organized and looking for ways to improve efficiency.

When she isn’t running reports for PWP, she can be found running the streets and greenway around Evansville. Other hobbies include attending live sporting events, traveling when she gets the chance, reading fiction, and hanging with her puppy, Hank.