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To help you make more informed and intentional financial decisions through our proprietary Financial Life Management process, we’ve developed Extended Financial Services. These Extended Services are designed to help you act on those decisions by addressing every aspect of your financial life.

FinLife 360 Investment Services

Guided By Your Financial Advisor

Through our Extended Financial Services, you gain access to a wide range of services at preferred pricing to fit your needs across your financial life. Through national and regional partnerships with experienced professional and lifestyle service providers, we help ensure that your financial life is always working towards the life you want.

Fiduciary Investment Advisor

FinLife Services

United Capital, a Goldman Sachs Company, delivers more than conventional planning. Using our proprietary Financial Life Management process, our financial advisors help you make clearer, informed, intentional decisions. Because when you can make better choices, you can live the life you want.

Ic Financial Services

Financial Services

In addition to the traditional suite of financial services, we can connect you with third party insurance professionals, trust services and banking institutions. We also have partnerships to assist you with Medicare decisions or caring for loved ones with special needs.

Ic Household Services

Household Services

We believe that the best measure of sound financial health is more than a well-diversified portfolio. It’s the sum of the day-to-day budgeting decisions you make over time. Our financial advisors can connect you to budgeting and allowance tools, personal and business legal services, tax consulting, and office services.

Financial Advisors Near You

Find your local advisor and plan your financial future. With more than 240 financial advisors across 30 states and 100 offices, we can help you implement a financial plan tailored to your personal goals.

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Retirement Planning

We tailor retirement planning services for corporate employees who would like to gain clarity about retirement plans. Our program is a specially tailored service to create personalized financial plans and strategies, so you may live the retirement you want.

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United Capital does not provide trust services, and is not affiliated with any third party trust company. United Capital does not receive any compensation for referring Clients to third party trustees. United Capital does not have any authority to hire or fire a trustee on behalf of its Clients. Any decision to hire a third party trustee is strictly up to the individual Client.