Joe Duran

Founder & CEO | United Capital

Ask Yourself

Am I ok?

Can I live the life I want?

In these uncertain times it’s hard to know the answer. The world has changed and the old ways of wealth management no longer work. It’s time for a different way to manage your money and your financial life. We’ve built a firm from the ground up to help ensure you’re able to live the life that you want.

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Awarded #2 on Barron's Top 40 Independent Advisory Firm List for 2018*

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Is United Capital really different?

Not all wealth management firms are created equal. Over the past decade our firm, held to the fiduciary standard, transformed the traditional wealth management process, using it to help improve the lives of our clients. Our goal is to give genuine control over financial life. We have developed a dynamic process based on the life you want to lead and continually adapt to the changing world and your needs. After all, isn’t ensuring that you can live the life you want what a wealth manager is for? We call it Financial Life Management.

Why Financial Life Management

Financial Life Management is wealth management reimagined. It’s where life meets your finances. Conventional wealth management doesn’t address what really matters. It’s more about the money than your life.