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Is Now a Time to Worry?

February 2016

February ImageFor anxious investors concerned who want a quick answer to the question posed in the title, the simple answer is, “No.” Now we’ll explain why. First, market volatility and even corrections are natural, normal, and we’d even say, necessary, disconcerting though the big ups and downs of the market may be. I’ve gone through many corrections and bear markets, having started my career in investment management just two months before the 1987 crash. While different circumstances led to each downturn, the fundamental aspect of a correction (or even a bear market) is that the market simply reprices securities to better match the underpinnings of an investment as they currently are. View and Download Here

What Does The Fed Rate Hike Mean to Most Americans?

January 2016

November ImageAt its latest meeting held December 15 and 16, the Federal Open Market Committee (better known as simply “the Fed”) decided to raise certain key rates it controls. The most well-known of these is the fed funds rate, which it had held near zero since the financial crisis. The last time the Fed raised rates was almost ten years ago. Beginning the process of normalizing rates has been one of the most widely anticipated decisions of recent periods. And despite some nervousness about how it would unfold, the process has so far been, well, quite normal. View and Download Here

How Your Spending Patterns May Affect Your Investment Decisions

December 2015

November ImageWorking, saving, investing, and spending are the four pillars of financial life management, or FinLife®, as we call it. We can intuitively understand that the four actions are tightly interconnected, but what may be less obvious is that they are all equally important. While discussion of the fourth pillar, spending, may sometimes be neglected in favor of the other three, we feel that it is so important to a well-balanced FinLife® that we’re devoting an entire month to discussing the subject. After all, even the most diligent savers plan to spend their funds someday. (After all, if you’re saving for retirement, you’re one more year closer to that goal!) View and Download Here

Time For Your Annual Checkup?

November 2015

November ImageIs it time for your annual checkup for your fiscal fitness? Many clients work closely with their United Capital financial adviser throughout the year, but for some clients, now may be the right time to check in with their adviser as the year draws to a close. We know that this is the time of year when many folks go on vacation for the holidays and understandably want to check out of more mundane mental tasks like reevaluating their portfolio strategy. However, as we approach the end of a calendar year, you might want to set aside time to prepare for tax season, for example, or to take stock of whether your current investment program still meets your needs. (After all, if you’re saving for retirement, you’re one more year closer to that goal!) View and Download Here

Planning for the Future: When the Future is Uncertain

October 2015

September ImageWorking, spending, saving, and investing are core, fundamental considerations in your financial life management, or FinLife, as we call it at United Capital. And these four considerations are tightly interconnected. Saving and investing to accomplish goals that may be far off into the future, such as retirement, require at least some expectations of what the future might hold. And that in turn dictates how you may prioritize your other actions, such as working and spending, in between now and then. View and Download Here

Adopting a Global Mindset

September 2015

September ImageWhen worries from overseas drift across oceans and wash onto U.S. shores, one may wonder, why would one ever invest abroad? However, having a global mindset can often help us put those headlines into perspective and allow us to see beyond the day’s news. View and Download Here

What Greece Says About Your Money Mind

August 2015

July ImageThe most urgent part of the Greek crisis came and passed without a market meltdown. The conflict between Ukraine and Russia, while unresolved, has faded from the top news stories. And countless other skirmishes have raised genuine fears but avoided triggering a serious stock market decline. Today, two weeks after the worst of the Greek crisis, the market is now driven by the more ordinary (and we would say, often more important) events like corporate earnings and economic reports – and this trend will continue, until another event inevitably comes along. View and Download Here

More of Something Often Means Less of Something Else

July 2015

July ImageAt United Capital, we often say, “More of something often means less of something else.” We repeat this phrase to ourselves and to our clients because we believe that it captures an important investment truth that can help us reach our FinLife goals. In fact, it resonates so strongly with us that we’ve designed a graphic representation of this concept as it relates to our investment platform. The image, a triad or trident, seeks to distinctively define what each strategy is – and what it is not. View and Download Here

Disentangling Good News From Bad News

June 2015

June ImageOnly on Wall Street can good news be bad news. In fact, there is often such an overwhelming deluge of information that, on most days, investors receive quite a big dose of both the good and the bad. For example, a growing economy means that corporate profits can increase, or at least be sustained. That is good news. But it also means that the Fed might be more eager to withdraw the stimulus markets have come to crave – and that is bad news. And then geopolitics can throw a monkey wrench into the machinery to make it difficult to determine why markets behaved the way they did, much less what might happen going forward.View and Download Here