What matters to you?
Identify and prioritize your entire financial life.

Most of us feel anxious about money and aren’t prepared for our futures, even when we work with advisers. Huge problem. In addition, most of us have never taken the time to clearly articulate what matters most with our money and what we want it to do for us over our lifetimes. That all changes here.

At United Capital, we help you to create a clearly defined set of priorities, enabling you to make decisions that fundamentally, measurably improve your financial life.

We walk every client through our patent-pending Honest Conversations® exercise, which includes a series of color-coded cards centered around fears, commitments and happiness. During the exercise, you’ll prioritize your cards, discuss why you chose them and talk about how you feel about each.

Couples and families will each self-identify their own set of cards, giving each person a “voice,” a recognizable identity that isn’t always apparent in traditional financial conversations. Once the cards are prioritized, your adviser will analyze what they mean for your financial picture and chart out ways to get you on track toward your goals.