Client Services

Our firm has two distinct and focused teams of professionals leveraging their skills for our clients. United Capital is confident that the combination of a dedicated and highly experienced Investment Committee working in concert with our wealth management advisory teams in Memphis, Nashville and San Francisco, provides the depth of expertise and understanding our family of clients & institutions deserve.

Investment Committee and Research Team: Newport Beach, CA

United Capital’s Investment Committee based in Newport Beach devotes their time expanding their knowledge of historical financial information with current market forces to assemble risk aware portfolios that responsibly pursue a client’s investment objective. From the expanded menu of investment choices United Capital offers, your allocation decisions will be made by your local Wealth Adviser.

Wealth Management Advisory Teams: Memphis, TN, Nashville, TN, San Francisco, CA

A dedicated group of associates are headquartered in Memphis, and also located in Nashville and San Francisco, that work closely with our clients to understand their history of investing and what they are trying to accomplish with our firm.

The primary responsibility of the associates is to work with each client in establishing their One Best Financial Life™ plan and to the care for their day-to-day needs. For the majority of our clients, we are measured not only by the performance numbers that they receive in a clear and concise manner on a quarterly basis, but by our drive to consult with them during the highs and lows in life. Because our firm is small & focused, we are driven to provide personal plans of action.

Transitions Our Clients Face:

  • Loss of Spouse
  • Charitable Activities
  • Sale of Business
  • Retirement
  • Education Funding
  • Divorce
  • Caring for Aging Parents
  • Blended Families

Family Office Services

Our experience is that the very wealthy have the same primary financial goals as everyone else to maintain their lifestyle for the rest of their lives without running out of money and to transfer their residual wealth to family members and charities in the most tax efficient manner. These simple goals are often clouded by the complexity that surrounds a high net-worth family.

We developed our family office solutions in order to surround our families, protect them from all those seeking the investment of their wealth and to allow them to spend their time on those activities meaningful to them. Our families value our comprehensive approach to caring for them and the generations to come.

We offer a diverse set of family office solutions to our high net-worth clients and serve as both a personal Chief Financial Officer and a quarterback, coordinating the efforts of the client’s legal, tax, insurance, and other professionals. Our multi-family office is built around a core competency in investments and supplemented with core skills in accounting.