Understand what money really means to you.

Have you ever made money decisions you've regretted, then repeated the same mistake again? Are you intimidated by even modest financial obligations? Or perhaps you avoid talking about money altogether. We understand how decisions surrounding personal finance can be very uncomfortable, especially when you have to make them with loved ones. Before you embark on your financial plan, our Money Mind® Analyzer is here to provide essential perspective on the ways you feel about money and how your biases affect your decision-making. In the process, we make you more comfortable with – and more communicative about – your financial position today and your goals tomorrow.

What you’ll learn to doyourmoneymind

  • Identify and understand your dominant Money Mind®
  • Recognize situations in the past where your Money Mind® drove a financial decision
  • Make better, informed decisions in the future knowing your Money Mind®
  • Identify better with the ones you care about by knowing their dominant Money Mind®

The power of insight

Like each of us, you have a dominant Money Mind® that shapes your thinking every time you make a financial decision. While each of us is influenced by all three facets – Fear, Commitment, Happiness – we revert to our dominant Money Mind® when faced with important financial decisions.

 Find Your MoneyMind®

Understanding your dominant Money Mind® is the most important step you can take toward improving your judgment, behavior and – ultimately – the outcomes you achieve
from your money.