Honest Conversations

United Capital is a Partnership of Exceptional Individuals

What is it?

Honest Conversations® is a patent-pending, unique exercise created by United Capital which utilizes a series of cards along with an open, honest dialogue with your financial adviser. We will walk you through a series of color-coded cards based on fears, commitments and happiness.

You will prioritize your cards and discuss why you chose them and how you feel about them. Couples and families will each self-identify their own set of cards, giving each person “a voice,” which is most often not the case. Once the cards are prioritized, you will discover what type of Money Mind® you have and why you make the decisions you do. Your adviser will discuss them in detail and help to identify if you are on course to meet your goals and map out a process to achieve them.

Honest Conversations™

How it Helps

The client experience we provide is one of insight and awareness. Clients can objectively see how their biases have impacted their decisions and they have a deeper understanding of what their values are and what matters to them when it comes to money and their financial life.

Most other firms strictly focus on investments. We focus on you and your goals. We assist by helping you make informed and objective decisions about your entire financial life. Our process will forever change the way you interact with your financial adviser and open the lines of communication around financial discussions in your life.

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