For over 20 years, the United Capital Atlanta office, formerly Sanders Financial Management, Inc., has provided emerging affluent clients with a trusted name in the world of investments. A nationally recognized, fee-based financial advisory office, United Capital in Atlanta provides clients with comprehensive financial life management, helping net worth grow through the combined expertise and problem-solving skills of the entire team. When clients need superior portfolio management and financial planning services, they turn to United Capital, a proven leader in the financial services industry.

The United Capital office in Atlanta was founded by Emily Sanders in 1994 and has maintained an industry reputation for excellence, honesty and stability. At United Capital, we don’t just build our client’s portfolios, we build relationships of trust and confidence that grow alongside their investments. In doing so, we provide clients with the peace of mind of knowing they work with solid professionals whom they can trust to manage their finances.

In recent decades, the number of financial management companies has skyrocketed. In order for clients to make an informed decision about which company will best serve their financial life management needs, they must know and trust the company with which they invest. At United Capital, a firm regulated by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, clients are provided with a clear and transparent view of their investments at all times.

Since inception, the United Capital Atlanta office has experienced substantial growth, now representing over two hundred clients, both nationally and internationally. Our success is due to the expertise of our team and the customized investment of assets. With all investment portfolios, we begin with fundamental research, subjecting companies to rigorous analysis before selecting only the highest quality stocks, bonds and mutual funds. In recent years, rather than investing in fashionable market trends, we have focused on proven and reliable industry sectors, such as healthcare, energy, technology, financial services, and consumers. Each portfolio is uniquely designed to meet individual client goals with balanced levels of risk tolerance and expectations.

The office has also developed a widespread reputation for helping women achieve economic and financial security. Women today have more complicated lives than ever before and we are committed to supporting women’s finances and enhancing their economic understanding.

In the past decade, the office’s assets under management have grown to a level of over $250 million. These figures do not just arise overnight, however, and we credit a great deal of our success to a low client-to-staff ratio. Additionally, most of our employees are board-certified professionals in financial planning, financial analysis or public accounting and have previously worked for large, publicly-held companies before they joined our team. This mixture of experience, education and teamwork combine to make us a leader in the financial services industry.