We specialize in advising employees of major corporations whose focus is in energy, food and beverage, telecommunications, defense, technology, and utility industries. We are very familiar with the benefits of these companies and we work independently to provide you with objective guidance that will help you to define a plan that is right for your unique situation. Employees who work at some of the country’s most pre-eminent companies are unique from most other individuals as you will have relied more heavily on your employer for basic financial decisions and implementation of your financial needs.  Unfortunately, having your financial life intertwined with your work life can make the transition at retirement, or to the next stage of your career, that much more complicated.  We help you navigate the choices your company provides both while working and in retirement.

We do this by helping successful corporate employees with:

  • 401(k) plan contribution and investment decisions
  • On-going financial education
  • Retirement distribution planning
  • Pension distribution options:  Lump sum vs. Rollover
  • Stock planning:  Options, Stock Purchase Plans, Restricted Stock Units (RSU)
  • Net Unrealized Appreciation
  • Pre-59 ½ retirement distribution planning
  • Optimizing Social Security decisions
  • Roth 401(k) and IRA analysis
  • Selecting corporate insurance coverage for life, long-term care and long-term disability
  • Integrating your company plan with your personal financial plan
  • Prepare you for the eventual transition to independence from your company and company benefits

We have dedicated people and custom resources to assist all types of corporate employees with your specific needs:

  • Corporate Executives
  • Management
  • Non-Management
While we work independently from your company retirement plans, we do work closely with many of the major financial custodians including Fidelity, Schwab, and TD Ameritrade to help make your transition to financial independence more seamless.

Our goal is to bring our clients financial confidence and independence.

United Capital Financial Advisers is not endorsed, retained, or affiliated with other companies. United Capital is separate and unrelated to all entities referenced above.