High Net Worth Services

Better planning for significant wealth.

Most wealth management services focus on one thing: your money. United Capital’s High Net Worth Services take a different approach. We look at your entire life, and make sure your money goals are aligned with your life goals.

Through our personal, engaging process, we’ll help you identify your personal values and objectives that affect planning for children, aging parents, and other areas of long term family management including wealth preservation, education, risk management, succession planning and leaving a family legacy. By starting with complete information, honest analysis and deliberate action, we’ll guide you with the tools and advice you need to reach your family financial goals.

From there we offer a full range of personalized services to assist you in managing day-to-day financial and non-financial matters. We combine propriety technology with our unique Financial Life Management approach to design a family lifestyle plan that will help you preserve and enhance your wealth — and live a healthy financial life.

Preserving, Creating and Transferring Wealth

Financial markets are volatile, and no one can predict what they may do in the future. But with a sound diversification strategy, we can help you help control volatility through all market cycles.

Our High Net Worth Services customize your portfolio so that you’re prepared no matter what market conditions may come. We also research opportunities in alternative investments, and provide oversight on special assets. We provide proactive planning and coordination for complex, tax-sensitive financial situations in the following areas:

  • Estate, Education, Philanthropic, and Legacy Planning
  • Risk Management / Insurance Review and Coordination
  • Income and Estate Tax Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Cash Management & Banking
  • Financial Analysis
  • Investment Consulting, Due Diligence and Oversight

Is your wealth working for you?

Look through our fact sheets and checklists below to see how we can help you put your wealth to work.


Families looking for an effective way to fulfill charitable intentions and to use values, skills and creativity to make positive changes within a community may want to consider a private family foundation.

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Throughout your lifetime, there are only five things you do with money – earn, spend, save, invest or give it away. In death, however, your money can only do three things – go to family, charity, or the IRS.

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Losing a loved one is difficult for the survivors. Compounding grief’s toll is the fact you must also address certain legal and financial matters.

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Trusts allow you to manage your property, control your wealth, and minimize the amount that goes to pay taxes. There are many varieties of trusts, each designed to accomplish specific goals.

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Throughout their formative years, children challenge parents’ definition of fairness. In some households, fair means equal shares. Others take a “we love you all the same but give according to need” approach.

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