Financial Control Scorecard

Understand where you are — and where you’re going.

To keep your financial life on track, you need to know where you stand today — and whether you’ll be able to meet your goals in the future.

The Financial Control Scorecard® gives you complete clarity into how well your current savings and resources match up against your spending and goals. With the Scorecard, you’ll know if you are overfunded, underfunded or right on track to meet your goals.


And because your life isn’t static, neither is your Scorecard. Your personal score is viewable through the GuideCenter, and it dynamically changes as your goals or circumstances do.

Your adviser will work with you to discuss how each change affects your score and the trade-offs you can control to help keep your financial life on track. Based on your input, we’ll then design a plan of action to help ensure you can meet your goals while living your ideal life.

See your score today.