How to Thrive (and Survive) on Cyber Monday

November 2015

iStock_000004444296_Full-2 copy 2No doubt about it – the three days following Thanksgiving are a bargain hunter’s bonanza. The retail equivalent of the Super Bowl for frenzied shoppers determined to score the best possible deals on all kinds of merchandise.

Integrating Insurance with Investments

November 2015

03Perhaps too often, an individual thinks of insurance as simply income replacement for one’s loved ones should death occur before normal life expectancy is reached. However, there are actually many more reasons for a household to consider having life insurance other than just income replacement.

Maximizing the Benefits of Gift Cards

Sweet Gift BoxesIf your household mirrors the average American’s, you have about $300 in unused gift cards lying around somewhere. Gift cards have been one of the most requested items on holiday wish lists, yet they often go unspent. Industry statistics suggests that $1 billion on gift cards go unredeemed each year.

Five Ways to Get Calm and Carry On in Your Financial Life

November 2015

View of staircases and forestIf you are like most Americans, you have some level of financial stress in your life.  According to a recent study, 63% of survey respondents indicated that they had some financial stress and another 18% rated their stress level at high or overwhelming.

Four Ways United Capital AND You Can Support Our Local Communities

November 2015

twitter-post-01As we entered the third-quarter of our 10th year in business (!), United Capital paused to reflect on all the things for which we are grateful as both an organization and as individuals in our communities.

We live our mission – improving people’s lives – everyday and are grateful for the opportunity to assist clients improve their financial lives, but . . . we still wanted to do more!

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