9 Steps to Better Financial Decisions

January 2015

Before you complete your day, you will make 10,000 decisions. That number comes to us from Noreena Hertz, an economist and author of Eyes Wide Open: How to Make Smart Decisions in a Confusing World. Ms. Hertz explains that the choices we make in our daily lives range in importance from what to eat (227 decisions about food alone), to potentially life altering decisions.

Do You Know Who Started New Years Resolutions?

December 2014

A spiritually motivated Julius Caesar was credited for starting the New Years resolution tradition. As legend goes, Caesar made resolutions every January 1st to honor the mythical god Janus who was believed to have a face that looked back at the past year and one that look forward to the next.

Centuries later, many still carry on the tradition. If you made a resolution, which category would it fit into?


November 2014

It’s natural to overspend from time to time, and even more so during the holidays. The joy of giving is undeniable, but spending more than you should can put your future in jeopardy and ultimately stand in the way of happiness.

Supporting Boomerang Children without Jeopardizing Your Financial Future

A dynamic many of our clients now face is a request from their adult children to return home. We refer to children who return to the comfort and security of their parents’ home as “boomerang children”.

A New (and Better) Way of Understanding Your Financial Life

October 2014

My wife and I have always detested the monthly statements we’d get from our brokerage firm and custodian. The information felt unnecessarily complicated, far too detailed and really not relevant to any aspect of our lives beyond whatever investment we had with that particular group. I’d look at the first page, ignore all the other pages and then place them on the mail pile and they’d eventually end up in some neat filing system my wife has run for years. Every few years, the drawer is emptied into a big box, dated and placed in the garage. And there they all sit molding away for several years until they finally end up in a recycling facility.

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