Insurance Services

About Our Insurance Services

Making the decision to purchase the right type of insurance at the right time isn’t easy.  The professionals at the United Capital Arizona office will help you navigate your way through the thousands of products available, and help you determine what product makes the most sense for you, at the most reasonable price.  We offer life, health, long-term care and fixed annuity insurance products and services to a broad base of clients throughout Arizona.

Questions We Answer

We can help answer these and many other insurance questions: 

  •  Should I buy term insurance or whole life insurance?
  •  How much insurance do I really need?
  •  Do I need long-term care insurance, or can I self-insure?
  •  Is a fixed annuity right for me?
  •  What is an immediate annuity, and how can it help me budget my savings?
  •  Do I need insurance for estate planning purposes?
  •  How will my family survive if something happens to me?


We have a broad client base throughout the state of Arizona, ranging from wealthy individuals to business owners, retired executives, trusts, and young investors who are just getting started planning for their future.

Meet The Professionals

John L. Brotherton, CFP®
Managing Director

John has over 30 years of experience in determining suitable insurance and investment products for individuals.  John is a Certified Financial Planner, and earned his designation in 1981 from the College of Financial Planning in Denver, CO.  John is also the Managing Director of the United Capital Arizona office. John has experienced working for several insurance firms over the years, both as a captive agent as well as an independent insurance consultant.  John understands even the most complex insurance products on the market, which enables him to give objective advice on which products may or may not be appropriate.  As a father of five children, John understands the importance of planning ahead for his family and for his clients.  He knows first-hand, the peace of mind that comes with securing the future of those who are most important to him. 

Donna K. Brotherton, CFA
Managing Director

Donna has been offering clients insurance solutions since 1997, and has been working in the investment advisory industry for nearly 25 years.  Donna has an MBA in Finance, and has earned her Chartered Financial Analyst Designation from the CFA Institute in Charlottesville, NC.  Donna is also a Managing Director of United Capital’s Arizona office. Donna has children of her own, and understands the importance of being able to sleep at night by having the right amount of insurance for her family.