The United Capital office in Arizona offers a full spectrum of investment advisory and financial planning services, so we can assist you at each level of the investment planning process.

  • Portfolio Design
  • Asset Management
  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • Performance Reporting
  • Retirement Plan Design
  • Trust and Estate Asset Management
  • Trust and Estate Modeling
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Comprehensive Financial Consulting
  • Insurance Products and Services

Investment Management

Whether you are local within Scottsdale/Phoenix or long distance across the country, your financial adviser will take you through a six-step process to define your goals and create your investment portfolio.

  1. Determine Your Goals and Risk Tolerance
  2. Draft Your Investment Policy Statement
  3. Set Your Portfolio Investment Boundaries
  4. Screen Universe of Potential Investments
  5. Create Your Optimal Portfolio
  6. Monitor Your Portfolio and Change as Necessary

Assessing Your Needs
We use a strategic and tactical asset allocation process where we design your portfolio using historical data, and future projections of market and economic conditions. Rather than solely relying on the past, we use qualitative and quantitative analysis to help identify market trends that are likely to persist into the future.  We then use predictive value analysis to help estimate asset class returns and returns of individual securities considered for your portfolio. This information allows us to design your portfolio with the optimal mix of securities, providing the highest possible expected return, for the least amount of expected risk.

Actively Managing Your Assets
Markets don’t tend to move in tandem. At any given time, one investment may be surging ahead while another may be lagging behind. The key is to maintain a properly diversified portfolio that continually reflects a combination of investments that will move the portfolio ahead as a whole. We actively manages portfolios in order to maintain the optimal mix of assets.

Monitoring Your Portfolio Mix
The United Capital Arizona office continually monitors your investments to maintain balance, efficiency and consistency in your portfolio. Through our asset monitoring process, we routinely check your portfolio against market and economic conditions to assure optimum performance.  Every quarter, we screen each of your securities and evaluate their performance relative to their asset class. We adjust your portfolio mix when market conditions, your objectives, or the security screening process dictates a change.

Reporting Performance to Keep You Informed
Each quarter, we provide a detailed investment performance report showing your portfolio returns for the quarter and since the inception of your account. You will know how your assets have performed since the first day you invested with us. As part of the reporting process, we also compare your portfolio’s performance to key market indexes and to your expected return objective.